The guitar gig bag brags a storage for laptop and portable recording devices, cable management storage straps, upper and lower compartments for accessories, and a hideaway rain protection.
The acoustic guitars comfort and protection is no issue despite a heavy laptop and other equipment stored in this gig bag, because the guitar gig bag features an ultra foamquilted padding nest with an adjustable neck support system hideaway, ergofit, aircushioned shock absorbing shoulder backpack straps with rear breathable, vented cushion pads plus a strengthened firmgrip handle for seemless carrying.Gator Slinger Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag
Unique foam protection and highgrade Denier external surface keeps your acoustic guitar safe and sound. The Gators Slinger Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag is certainly a costeffective choice for gigging music artists who would like a safe, yet light and portable way to carry their acoustic guitar from one gig to the other. With GFLEX foam protection on the inner lining, and bridge and headstock support inside, it is certain that your guitar will look just as good coming out as it did when you place it in.
The Slinger Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar gig bag include a huge accessory compartment, rubberized handle, carry handle, shoulder and waist strap, and nylon hinges isabel marant sales.
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